"Here's five pence. That's a 'bob'."
"It's a twenty pence job."
"Yes. Inflation.
— Matthew, Sooty and Sweep
Bob a Job

John Woods


Charles Warren


Matthew Corbett


Matthew Corbett


Peter Jago
Judy Palmer
Brenda Longman
Richard Lockwood

Air date


Bob a Job is an episode of The Sooty Show.


Sooty and Sweep complete jobs for Matthew as part of their cub-scouts project.




  • Matthew reads "The Times" newspaper which was quite popular to read in the 70s and 80s.
  • Many of the pipes in the cellar are just drawings.
  • When water first starts squirting from Sooty's hose, he jumps a little indicating a film cut.
  • During the song, Soo appears on the cover of the well-know television guide "TV Times".
  • This episode marks Brenda Longman's debut as Soo


  • As Sooty's walking over to Sweep's bed with the first load of mess, the wall shakes slightly.
  • While Sweep is putting objects into the bath, the set shakes.
  • When Matthew says "I think I know who did...", the boom microphone is briefly visible on the top right-hand corner.
  • In the shot of the bath overflowing, a shadow passes over the set.
  • Just as Matthew goes to sit down with his cup of tea, the backdrop behind the window moves.
  • In reality, it would have been impossible for water to spray from the toaster, the telephone and Sweep's head.
  • Sooty's hose does not appear to be connected to anything.


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