"If we really have got a burglar, this is a job for the boys in blue!"
"Chelsea football team?
Liana and Sweep
Bumps in the Night

Stuart Hall


Helen Stephens


Bill Taylor


Richard Cadell
Liana Bridges

Guest Starring

Brenda Longman as
Richard Heap and
Stefan Escreet as
the Germans
Ben Roberts as
the Police Officer


Brian Sandford
Crispin Lowrey
Craig Almond

Air date


Bumps in the Night is an episode of Sooty Heights.


Sooty, Sweep, Soo, Scampi, and Richard can't sleep because a big scary storm is keeping them awake. Liana isn't afraid and quite likes storms so she sings a calm and soothing song to try and get them to sleep. Later that night, noises from downstairs wake everyone up again. The gang goes and investigates only to discover that it was only Sweep trying to make a drink of cocoa to help him sleep. Even later that same night, a mysterious figure enter the hotel. Sooty and Sweep think that it's a burglar and after locking the suspect in the office, calls the police. The burglar turns out to be their good friend Dotty who is delivering a coach-load of German tourists who had arrived earlier than expected. Just as the gang are about to go back to bed, the German visitors are awake and ordering breakfast!



  • When the policeman remarks that he "likes The Bill", this is a reference to his actor, Ben Roberts, playing the role of "Chief Inspector Derek Conway" in the long-running television drama.


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