Burglar Box is a song from The Sooty Show episode Burglar Box.


Imagine a box that would fox any burglar at large

Burglar Box, Burglar Box

Anytime, anywhere it's there to decide who's in charge

Burglar Box, Burglar Box

No need to worry it's safe and secure

It's designed by Sooty so one thing's for sure it's full of surprises it's called

Burglar Box, Burglar Box, Burglar Box, Burglar Box

A box of tricks that would easy to be time

Burglar Box, Burglar Box

A face full of water it ought to be cleaning a crime

Burglar Box Burglar Box

If you are foolish you think you can win

believe me brother no one can get in

it's full surprise's it's called

Burglar Box (X3)

Burglar Box built by Sooty, Burglar Box it's increderbly safe (X3)

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