Children's Playschool Favourites
Is a Video To Raise Money For Charity


  1. Thomas The Tank Engine - Thomas and The Special Letter
  2. I'm a Little Teapot (clip)
  3. Sooty and Co - Soo's Babies (clip)
  4. Brum - Brum and the Flood (clip)
  5. Tots Video - Animal Adventures (clip)
  6. Rosie & Jim - Acrobats (clip)
  7. The Wind In The Willows - Mercury of the Motorbicycle (clip)


  • The video was released in 1997.
  • This was the last "Children's Pre-School" video by VCI.
  • "Thomas & the Special Letter" is the only episode on the video to be shown in its entirety, the others are only clips.


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