Dear Diary

Stuart Hall


Helen Stephens


Matthew Corbett


Matthew Corbett


Brian Sandford
John Seaton
Sallie Corbett

Air date

16 September 1996

Previous episode

Water World

Next episode

Time & Emotion

'''Dear Diary''' is an episode of Sooty & Co. from the show's fourth series in 1996.


Matthew buys a barrowful of diaries from Mo, and writes about the puppets. We see the puppets doing the opposite of what Matt has written. Sooty and Co realise the stories are last year's: Mo has duped them yet again. A little girl buys the lot and a paper plane battle ensues. Matthew realises his diary is missing, with some very personal details in. Scampi produces the diary and Soo reads out some very embarrassing excerpts.



This episode is not available on video or DVD.

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