Desperately seeking squeaky
Desperately Seeking Squeaky

Stuart Hall


Helen Stephens


Peter Corey


Richard Cadell
Liana Bridges


Brian Sandford
Craig Almond
Crispin Lowrey

Air date

27 September 1999

Next episode

The Hottest Place in Town

Desperately Seeking Squeaky is the first episode in the first series of Sooty Heights.


The furry gang, together with Richard and Liana, have just moved into the Sooty Heights Hotel, but in the middle of unpacking they hear a mysterious squeaking noise. Convinced that the squeaking means they have mice, Richard is thrown into a panic when a letter from the Environmental Health arrives. Sooty causes havoc looking for the mice, drilling a hole in the wall to try to find them. Finally Scampi appears with a very squeaky cage on wheels - together with his pet mice.


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