"What do you think, Soo? Do you think my rapping with get the crowds going?"
"Oh yes - going home!
— Richard and Soo
Disco Disco

Adrian Hedley


Alex Skerratt
with Aaron Price


Richard Cadell

Guest Starring

The Lucy Gunter
Dance and Theatre
Arts Centre


Brian Sandford
Joolz Clough
Martin Rose

Air date

November 24th,

Previous episode

The Silent Movie

Next episode

Panto Palaver

Disco Disco is the twenty-fourth episode of the second series of Sooty.


Richard is looking forward to Mr Slater's disco, but - Sooty, Sweep and Soo are in charge. With no sound system and a broken smoke machine, Sooty has to call in some old friends to save the day.



  • Aaron Price revealed on Twitter that he originally named this episode "Disco Bear", but since the script didn't feature Sooty heavily, he changed it to "Disco Disco" at the last minute.
  • In Aaron Price's original script, some classic Sooty songs were included, but these got cut out.
  • The additional puppet characters were operated by Brean Theme Park employees.
  • B*Witched sing their own Number 1 hit "C'est La Vie". Another song heard in this episode is an obvious reference to "Gangnam Style".


  • When B*Witched start Irish dancing, there is no-one behind them but in the next shot, there a dancing children behind them.


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