"A bag of chips in a pooey old shed, is not a girls idea of a good night out"
"I don't see why not, free chips is free chips!
Vicki and Butch
Double Trouble
(Series 3, Episode 2)

David Coyle


Peter Eyre


Paul Dawson and
Phil Nice


Richard Cadell
Vicki Lee Taylor


Sheila Clark
Richard Coombs
Debby Cummings
Francis Wright
Allison McGowan

Air date

28th October 2003

Previous episode

Sooty's Baby

Next episode

Sooty at the Seaside

Double Trouble is an episode of the 2001-2004 series named Sooty.


Richard has made a reward chart, and the person who gets the most stars wins a jar of sweets. Meanwhile, Soo's Australian cousin Soola is coming to visit. She looks identical to Soo, which gives Sweep and Sooty a mischievous idea, Soola gets into trouble so, thinking she's Soo, Richard takes away her stars. Soon, the problem is resolved and Soo gets the jar of sweets, which she shares with everyone. Elsewhere, Butch wants a date with Soola, but he isn't very polite so Vicki teaches him how to win over a girls heart with a fancy dinner. Butch gets his date, but finds out Soola would rather have fish and chips in the garden shed.





  • 2 Fantastic Episodes


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