Find the Wands is a song featured in the Sooty episode, Sooty's Baby.


Find the wands
We wander here and far
The magic wands
We wonder where they are
Richard's in a tizzy
But we can't go "izzy wizzy"
Til we find those magic wands

First we search the kitchen
Look out in the yard
They're not inside the attic
Or dining room and bar
Check in all the bedrooms
There's nothing in the lounge
We've searched all Hotel Sooty
But they're nowhere to be found!

Richard is a baby
So Sooty does his spell
We wish he'd stop crying
And his bottom didn't smell
His burps are quite disgusting
His toys are everywhere
He mashes all his food up
And he rubs it in his hair

Find the wands
They must be somewhere near
The magic wands
There's nothing over here
We know it's kinda tragic
But we can't undo the magic
Til we find those magic wands


Find the Wands - Sooty - HD00:52

Find the Wands - Sooty - HD

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