Friends is a song from the Sooty television series episode Best Friends. It is dedicated to the long-time friendship between Sooty and Sweep.


Isn't it bad? Sweep's feeling sad
He thinks he's lost the best friend he ever had
What would he do if Sooty were gone?
We all need a friend to lean on
Someone to care, someone to share
Someone you know will always be there
When things go wrong, someone to be strong
Someone to pick you up and help you go on

Friends that care for you, that like to do
the things you like because they like them, too
A face that you know, a place you can go
Someone to cheer you up when you're feeling low
Sooty's a pal, Sooty's a mate
Everybody knows that Sooty is great

Friends are hard to keep, it goes down deep
But there are no two friends like Sooty and Sweep!

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