Luck of the irish
Luck of the Irish

Stuart Hall


Helen Stephens


Matthew Corbett


Matthew Corbett

Guest Starring

Miles Anderson


Brian Sandford
John Seaton
Sallie Corbett

Air date

20 October 1997

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Next episode

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'''Luck of the Irish''' is an episode of Sooty & Co. from the show's fifth series in 1997.


Matthew takes Sooty and the others to Ireland on a mystery holiday. They hire a horse and caravan from Mr Flanagan. At night Matthew insists on all the mattresses so Sooty collapses his tent. The next day Matthew tries his hand at fishing - to no avail, all he catches is rubbish, whilst Sooty uses the wand to catch salmon. They arrive at Blarney Castle. When Sooty kisses the Blarney Stone he actually speaks. But it is only Mr Flanagan playing games. As he leads the horse and caravan away, Matthew gets rained on.




This episode is not available on video or DVD.

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