Manic organic
Manic Organic

Jeremy Swan


Helen Stephens


Peter Kerry


Richard Cadell
Liana Bridges


Brian Sandford
Crispin Lowrey
Craig Almond

Air date

9 October 2000

Previous episode

Vets and Pets

Next episode

Undercover Sooty

Manic Organic is the fourth episode in the second series of Sooty Heights.


There are no eggs for breakfast because they keep hatching into chicks. There is a problem with the vegetable supply so Sweep is sent out to dig up carrots from the garden. But as Sweep pulls up, Scampi pulls them underground and pinches them. Sooty and Soo go to a farm to swap the chickens for an egg-laying hen. Sweep and Liana find Scampi feeding the carrots to his pet rabbit. Sooty and Soo return with the hen, which along with the rabbit escapes. Sooty casts a spell to make the hen produce lots of eggs for lunch and eggs appear everywhere. Guests are furious at the chaos, but the rabbit and hen are found happy with Scampi in the dumb waiter.


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