Nobody's Perfect is a song sung at the end of the Sooty & Co. episode, Sweep's Little Accidents.


Nobody's perfect, that's what they say
Nobody's perfect in every way, you see
Anybody can make mistakes
An error of judgement is all it takes
I have to admit I was wrong
It seems you were right all along
So we apologise
We apologise!

Mistakes will happen, so they say
Mistakes will happen everyday, and so
Misunderstandings occur, my friend
We're glad that we sorted it out in the end
Now we all see we were wrong
And we're telling you now with this song
That we apologise
We apologise!

But believe me
Everybody makes mistakes
Even Sooty?
Yes, even Sooty
Everybody makes mistakes
Even Scampi?
Yes, especially Scampi
Everybody makes mistakes
Even me!

But believe me
Everybody makes mistakes
Even me?
Yes, even you
Everybody makes mistakes
Even Sweep?
Yes, even Sweep
Everybody makes mistakes
Even me!


Nobody's Perfect02:27

Nobody's Perfect

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