"Hello. My name is Little Blue Riding Hood and I'm gathering litter to take to my poor, sick grandmother."
— Soo
Panto Palaver

Adrian Hedley


Alex Skerratt


Richard Cadell


Brian Sandford
Joolz Clough
Martin Rose

Air date

November 30th,

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Panto Palaver is the twenty-fifth episode of the second series of Sooty.


When the actors for Mr Slater's pantomime don't turn up, Sooty, Sweep and Soo perform instead. Will The Wicked Bunny have Little Blue Riding Hood for his supper, or can Sooty the woodcutter come to her rescue?



  • A lot of this episode is adapted from the Sooty Show episode, Sooty's Christmas Panto, which is one of the writer's favourite episodes.
  • Dame Beryl Longman is a reference to Soo's voice artist Brenda Longman. Brenda is also seen on the pantomime posters.
  • The man who gets squirted with water in the audience is Sooty's propman Pete Moran.
  • This is the first Christmas special since 2001.


  • The jet of water from Sweep's hose would not be powerful enough to reach Pete Moran in the audience.
  • Everyone in the crowd is stood up cheering, but when it cuts to a shot of them shouting "Oh, yes it is", everybody is sat down.
  • On ITV Digital and the Sky+ planner, the name of the episode was incorrectly spelt as 'Panto Palava'.


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