"My Grandad was a sheepdog"
"Don't make me laugh, your Grandad was Burt Reynold's wig!
Sweep and Matthew
Pulling the Wool

Stuart Hall


Helen Stephens


Matthew Corbett


Matthew Corbett

Guest Starring

Brenda Longman as
Windsor Davies as
the Welshman


Brian Sandford
John Seaton
Sallie Corbett

Air date

26 October 1998

Previous episode

Psychic Soo

Next episode

Lie Down With Dogs

Pulling the Wool is a sixth series episode of Sooty & Co. which aired on the British children's television Channel, CITV.


Poor Sweep is being teased by the entire Gang after say he has sheepdogblood in his veins. But then Mo dumps some sheep on Matthew which causes Matthew, Sooty, & Sweep to Go up to Wales to farmer Jones. While boarding the sheep, Matthew has some trouble. At Wales, Sweep shows them he can Round up sheep in a lorry. With the help of Sooty's Magic Wand, Sweep manages to get the sheep to get to the lorry, with the sheep walking backwards. Sooty And Matthew are Amazed. Back at Sooty & Co., The gang apologizes to Sweep for Teasing him and Sing "A Dog is A man's Best Friend".


  • Stock footage from Buddy Jolly is used during the song.
  • This is the second Time the gang sing "A Dog Is A Mans Best Friend, the first was in " Sooty wants A pet".
  • Two references to Shaun the Sheep are made in this episode: A popular Shaun the Sheep backpack appears during the episode and Mo states that she had not banked on winning him.


  • Mo's voice sounds slightly different.
  • It would have been impossible to fit Matthew, two sheep and Sweep into the back of the Camper Van. Also, Matthew and the two sheep wouldn't have fit through the back door.


Sweep: I'm clever enough to be a sheepdog.

Matthew: Sometimes, Sweep, I wonder if you're clever enough to be a sheep.






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