Soo to the Rescue

Alan R. Yardley


Helen Stephens


Matthew Corbett


Matthew Corbett

Guest Starring

Brenda Longman
as Mo


Brian Sandford
Peter Saxon
John Seaton

Air date

6th December 1993

Previous episode

Sooty's Magic

Next episode

Camping Out

Soo to the Rescue is an episode from the first series of Sooty & Co.


Soo convinces Matthew they can sell anything if they advertise it, so Sooty and Little Cousin Scampi make a video, Sweep makes a banner and Soo does a radio commerical, but not everything goes to plan. Sooty and Matthew go to the local shopping centre to try and attract customers to Sooty & Co, but they don't have much luck either. Then Soo comes up with a great idea to make money for the shop. Matthew sings "Everything's A Bargin".




  • During two out of the three times that Label appears throughout the episode, she appears with two different owners and none of them are Matthew.
  • Sweep seems to have trouble spelling out "Come to Sooty's Shop!" and yet he had no problems with writing a letter to his family in the Sooty Show episode "Sweep's Family" and a note to Matthew in Sooty's Favourite Stories video. He had also previously learnt to read in the Learn with Sooty video, Start to Read.


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