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Sooty's Amazing Adventures is a short-lived Sooty & Co. spin-off. It only lasted for one season. It was produced by Cosgrove Hall Productions.


Sooty and his friends magic themselves into "human-form". They are residing at an old theatre in an unnamed British coastal town. The stage's trap-door can transport them magically to anywhere in the world (but it often makes mistakes).

Apart from the many friends Sooty and the gang meet on their adventures, there is a recurring character named Katarina, an aged, well spoken Persian cat who doesn't stand for nonsense and often criticises the gang's conduct.


Voice cast


  • Scampi and Sweep both speak with normal voices in this series.
  • Soo is not voiced by Brenda Longman.
  • Each episode was approximately eleven minutes long.
  • Dave Corbett, who provides the music for Sooty & Co., also provides the music for this spin-off.
  • Rob Rackstraw later provided the voice of Ramsbottom and Butch in Sooty Heights.
  • The Roman Numerals at the end of every episode are incorrectly written as MXMXCVI. It should be MCMXCVI (1996).


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