"I am fed up! I have just spent the last six hours trying to get Sooty and Sweep with a custard pie!"
— Butch
Sooty's Baby

Iain McLean


Peter Eyre


Peter Eyre


Richard Cadell


Shelia Clark
Richard Coombs
Debby Cummings
Francis Wright
Alison McGowan

Air date

27th October, 2003

Previous episode

Best Friends

Next episode

Double Trouble

Sooty's Baby is the first episode of the third series of Sooty.


It's April Fools day and Richard has hidden Sooty's wands as a precaution. When Sooty finally manages to fool Richard, Miki wants to rewind time to see Richard's reaction again. Sooty is able to do this with the aid of his emergency magic wand, but ends up rewinding time too far and Richard ends up as a baby. Baby Richard then is responsible for breaking Sooty's only magic wand in half, so Sooty is unable to magic Richard back to normal. Eventually, Sooty manages to find his hidden magic wands in the hotel safe and turns Richard back to his full-grown self.

Meanwhile, after they put jelly in his bed last year, Butch (with the help of Scampi) is determined to get Sooty and Sweep with a custard pie. Unfortunately, his attempts keep backfiring.





  • 2 Brilliant Episodes


  • The clothes that baby Richard is wearing when he is first discovered have shrunk.
  • If Sooty is turning back time, shouldn't the surroundings change. Also, shouldn't baby Richard be back at home with his parents instead of just being on the sofa at the hotel?



Sooty's Baby - Sooty15:09

Sooty's Baby - Sooty

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