Sooty's Caravan 
is a Sooty "Tell Me a Story" book, published by Purnell and Sons Limited in 1967, by arrangement of Harry Corbett and approved by Sooty Concessions and Overseas Limited. It contains two stories with illustrations by Johni Cumming.


  • Sooty's Caravan
  • Sooty and Sweep's Big Wash


  • Sooty
  • Sweep
  • Cokey
  • P.C. Nab
  • Mr. Fusspot
  • The Mayor of Magic Town (mentioned)


  • In the first illustration of Sooty's Caravan, Cokey's nose is missing.
  • In the seventh illustration of Sooty's Caravan, Cokey's hat has vanished and Sweep is running down the hill on all fours even though he normally walks about upright on his hind legs.
  • The final illustration of Sooty and Sweep's Big Wash is not on the same page as the text corresponding with it.


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