Sooty's Caravan 
is a storybook story from a Sooty "Tell Me a Story" book from 1967.


Sooty and Sweep have made a caravan in the back garden of the "Sooteries" and now they are going to take it out for a test run. Sweep and Cokey climb into the caravan and Sooty uses his car to tow them to TV Town. When they come to a narrow wooden bridge over a river, the caravan is too wide and they get stuck, So Sooty and Cokey stretch the bridge with their bicycles. A foot wide gap is made in the middle of the bridge, but Sooty drives the caravan easily over. 

Then just as they reach the top of thre hill beyond TV Town, the penny runs out in Sooty's car. None of they has a penny to sware, so Sooty asks P.C. Nab as he come puffing up the hill to tell them to clear the road for the Mayor's coach. P.C. Nab does not have a penny either, so Sooty has to unhook the caravan push the car to the side of the road to make way for the Mayor. Sooty is just going to get a spanner to unhook the caravan, when Sweep who cannot be bothered to wait, bangs the hook out with a stone and the caravan runs away down the hill. The caravan chases P.C. Nab down the hill and through the town. P.C. Nab is chased all the way to his house where the caravan wedges itself into the wall. The caravan is now stuck fast and it will have to stay there.

Sooty wonders P.C. Nab will mind having an extra room added to his house, but the policeman is so busy lying on the floor steaming like a kettle, that the bear decides to let him cool off before he asks him the question.


  • Sooty
  • Sweep
  • Cokey
  • P.C. Nab
  • P.C. Nab's cat (cameo)
  • Mr. Fusspot (mentioned)


  • In the first illustration, Cokey's nose is missing.
  • In the seventh illustration, Cokey's hat has vanished and Sweep is running down the hill on all fours even though he normally walks about upright on his hind legs.


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