"Butch! What are you doing wearing that Mickey Mouse outfit? You're meant to be wearing the wicked wolf outfit!"
Sooty's Christmas Panto

John Woods


Charles Warren


Peter Jago


Matthew Corbett


Peter Jago
Ronnie Le Drew
Judy Palmer
Brenda Longman
Richard Lockwood

Sooty's Christmas Panto is an episode of The Sooty Show from 1981.


The pantomime that Sooty, Sweep, Soo, and Matthew were going to see has been cancelled because of the snow. So they decide to stage their own pantomime and invite all their friends, providing they can get through the snow. Despite Butch's overacting, the pantomime is a success and Matthew invites everyone on stage to sing a song.


  • Fifi the poodle, Maggie the mouse, Champion the blunder horse, Roger the rabbit, Ramsbottom, a Butch puppet dressed as a pirate, two dressed up Sweep puppets, and a dressed up Sooty puppet are all in the audience.
  • This episode is known as The Sooty Christmas Show and Sooty's Panto, however due to many Sooty Show Christmas specials named The Sooty Christmas Show over the years, The Sooty decided to use the Sooty's Panto tite.
  • Butch dressing up as Mickey Mouse is a reference to Disney. Harry Corbett and Sooty actually appeared on the Mickey Mouse Club on a few occasions in the 1960's (unfortunately that was the only exposure the USA ever got of Sooty).


  • Whilst on stage at the end, many of the characters have wooden sticks in them instead of hands, including Roger the rabbit.




  • A DVD free with the Times newspaper

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