The gang, normally, do a Christmas tour each year, with the show being different the show being toured this year. In recent years, they've been in the West End of London or Winter Wonderland Manchester. This year's show going to be at Winter Wonderland Manchester, like the 2013 and 2014 shows.

This year's Christmas show opens on the 13th December until the 5th January, tickets cost £18.50, which includes a fair, The Sooty Show (you can see as many as you like a day!), a circus and you can visit Father Christmas too!

Recent Tours

  •  2011 - The Sooty Christmas Show (Garrick Theatre, London's West End)
  •  2012 - Sooty in Space (Duchess Theatre, London's West End)
  •  2013 - The Sooty Christmas Show (Winter Wonderland, Manchester Event City)
  •  2014 - The Sooty Christmas Show  (Winter Wonderland, Manchester Event City)
  •  2015 - The Sooty Christmas Show (Winter Wonderland, Manchester Event City)


  • Sooty's tours at Christmas were created by Harry Corbett, then carried on by Matthew Corbett and Richard has carried on the tradition.
  • There was no Christmas show between 2001 and 2011.

External Links - use this to book tickets for this years' Christmas Show.
  • Poster for the The Sooty Christmas Show 2011
  • Poster for Sooty in Space 2012
  • The set for the 2013 & 2014 Christmas Show

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