The Big Day Out

Jeremy Swan


Richard Cadell


David Savage


Richard Cadell

Sooty's Magic Birthday Party is a  direct-to-video special released in 2001, and is the third in the Sooty Magic video series.


Watch out! Sooty and friends are back and causing even more mayhem than usual in "Sooty's Magic Birthday Party". It's David's 5th birthday, which means if is time for a party and lots of party tricks. Richard tries to prepare for the big event but with Sooy, Sweep, Soo and Scampi assisting him, it takes a lot longer than he thinks. Featuring new magic tricks and tips, not to mention Sooty's trusty magic wand and water pistol, this video is one for children


It's Richard's Birthday and he's not pleased about it, yet Sooty and the gang throw a party for him, and for David who shares his birthday with Richard, but this is no ordinary party. Sooty throws both Richard and David a Magic Birthday Party!


  • It's Snowing Indoors



  • The game Sooty and Scampi play is Super Mario World on the Gameboy.
  • The video never receive a wide release at the time Gullane Entertainment was being purchase by HiT Entertainment and cancelled its release and only honoured the few pre-orders place on this video.

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