Sooty and Sweep's Big Wash
is a storybook story from a Sooty "Tell Me a Story" book from 1967.


Sooty and Sweep are cleaning the windows of the Town Hall for when the Mayor of Magic Town comes to visit Mr. Fusspot the Mayor of TV Town. However Sooty is having trouble turning the tap on to fill the buckets with water. The tap is so stiff that Sweep has to fetch Sooty's coal hammer and Sooty swings it at the tap causing water to come pouring into the buckets in a trice.

Unfortunutly, even though Sooty has managed to clean the windows, he cannot turn the tap off now and water floods the High Street. Everyone is very annoyed with Sooty and when P.C. Nab comes wading up the street, threatening to lock him up in jail, Sooty decides to pick up the coal hammer and hit the tap again. But this time, the tap is so stiff that it does not move at all and Sooty is set spinning instead. Sooty becomes so dizzy that he drops the coal hammer on P.C. Nab's bare toe. The policeman yells in pain and angrily tries to assult Sooty with the hammer, but the bear spins away so fast that he misses and hits the tap instead. The water stops and the tap never ever runs again to this day.

All the tap water runs into the town square's dried up well and when Mr. Fusspot comes outside, he is very pleased to see how clean both the Town Hall windows and the High Street look in so many years. The Mayor congratulates Sooty and shakes him by the paw. Before P.C. Nab can voice his outraged views on Sooty, the Mayor of Magic Town arrives at the Town Hall, so luckily this time, the bear manages to get away with the trouble that he has caused earily.


  • P.C. Nab
  • Mr. Fusspot
  • Sooty (does not speak)
  • Sweep (does not speak)
  • Cokey (mentioned)
  • The Mayor of Magic Town (mentioned)


  • The final illustration is not on the same page as the text corresponding with it.


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