"What’s gone wrong here?"
"It went all squidgily."
“It did go squidgily, it’s squidged off the end of the paper hasn’t it. Never mind, you did try, Sweep, you tried.
— Matthew inspecting Sweep’s “thank you” letter.
Start to Read 2

Tony Wise


Jacky Moini


Matthew Corbett


Matthew Corbett


Brian Sandford
Sallie Corbett

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Start to Read 2 is a VHS from the Learn with Sooty range.


After watching the Learn with Sooty video Start to Read so often, Sooty, Sweep and Soo have become very good reading and writing and they spend most of this programe writing stories. They also use their reading skills to follow clues to a some sweets, learn new and rather difficult words that you find out in the streets and even write “thank you” letters to their Auntie Jane.



  • Trailer 3


  • You can tell the title sequences was reused from Be Safe..., because as it ends, you can hear Matthew tutting from when he was reading about the Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents.
  • Soo should not have encouraged Sweep to play “Round and Round the Houses” after what happened to him in “Be Safe...”
  • In the shot before Soo adds the last words to her story about Pickle the Pixie, her pencil ends up under her book, but in the next shot, the pencil has fallen down behind the table.
  • The bath water would have smudged the writing on the clue in the bath tub.
  • At the start of the first close up of Matthew holding up the word “Solicitors”, the lip sync is out of place when he says “...this says?”


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