"Who on earth is this Comedian? He's not very funny whoever he is!"
"It could be Bruce Forsythe!
Matthew and Sooty
Superdog and the Comedian

Stan Woodward


Stan Woodward


Matthew Corbett


Matthew Corbett

Guest Starring

Derek Deadman as
himself and
the Comedian


Alex Cox
Brian Sandford
Brenda Longman

Air date


Superdog and the Comedian is an episode of The Sooty Show from 1988.


A strange man named the Comedian is draining people's brains and controlling their actions, making them do silly things. Later, Superdog, when called for by Soo, crashes through the roof. Superdog then faints and tells Matthew, Sooty, and Soo that his behaviour is down to his arch-nemesis, the Comedian. Sooty magically transports the comedian to their kitchen where he reveals that he now controls Superdog. He then orders Superdog to snap Sooty's magic wand and whilst the brain-draining is taking place the Comedian "treats" them to some of his best jokes! Whilst the Comedian is distracted, Sooty meddles with the brain-draining machine and has the Comedian's brain drained! Soo then arrives with Sooty's magic wand, which she has taped back together, and they send the Comedian back to his home planet.

Then, Sweep wakes up and reveals that it's all a dream. Next, Matthew introduces Sweep, Sooty, and Soo to his friend, comedian Derek Deadman, who bears an uncanny resemblance to the Comedian from Sweep's dream and, unfortunately, has the same bad jokes!



  • The woman at the start is, obviously, Matthew dressed up.


  • In some shots of Matthew and Sooty at the table whilst talking to the Comedian, Matthew's arm can be seen going up into Sooty.
  • It's very unlikely that Superdog crashed through the roof and into the kitchen, as that would mean he would have gone through, not only the roof, but the upstairs and downstairs ceilings as well.
  • In real life, Superdog (aka Sweep would actually get seriously injured after crashing in the roof.




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