Best of health
The Best of Health

Stuart Hall


Helen Stephens


Peter Corey


Richard Cadell
Liana Bridges

Guest Starring

Kriss Akabusi


Brian Sandford
Craig Almond
Crispin Lowrey

Air date

18 October 1999

Previous episode

Water, Water Everywhere

Next episode

Hidden Treasure

The Best of Health is the fourth episode in the first series of the Sooty Heights.


Richard impresses Sooty, Sweep and Scampi with his tiddlywink playing, until they all beat him and won't believe him that it is a sport. It gives them all the idea to start a health and fitness club. And luckily who should check in to the hotel, but Olympic athlete, Kriss Akabusi. He is totally unimpressed with Soo's attempt at leading physical exercises, gets thrown off Scampi's modified exercise bike, then is nearly frozen alive in the home-made sauna. Kriss reckons it's a safe bet to agree to sponsor the club if they can find one sport they are good at. They decide that tiddlywinks is the only one. Kriss turns out to be a tiddlywink expert too, and sponsors the 'Kriss Akabusi Tiddlywink Club'.


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