Sooty & Co - Campervan

The Campervan.

The Camper is a very small campervan made especially for Sooty's size, so that he can drive it.

Sooty and the gang first bought it in the very first Sooty & Co. episode, Moving In. It was originally cream in colour with the original Sooty & Co. logo on the front, but later on, it was later on painted out in yellow from the front which fizzles out into white towards the back. The original Sooty & Co. logo was also removed to reveal an extra window with net curtains.

Sooty is mainly the only one who drives the camper. In Sooty & Co. he used it as the shop's official transport to transfer goods to  customers. Sweep often had thought about driving it himself, but because he did not have the head for it, he was not allowed to. Sooty and Sweep did once used the camper for its primary function in the first Sooty & Co. season's finale Camping Out, because they just parked it outside the shop and Scampi was making scary noises outside, they quickly abondened this idea and went to sleep inside instead.

The camper origianlly only ever featured in the Sooty & Co. episodes, but lately it has often featured in many Sooty (2011) episodes aswell.


  • Outside of the production, the camper is kept on display in Sooty's TV Studio at Brean Leisure Park.
  • Its registration plate is SSS 123.