Great supremo
The Great Supremo

Stuart Hall


Helen Stephens


Peter Corey


Richard Cadell
Liana Bridges

Guest Starring

Stephen Mulhern
as the Great Supremo


Brian Sandford
Crispin Lowrey
Craig Almond

Air date

15 November 1999

Previous episode

Battle of the Bands

Next episode


The Great Supremo is the eighth episode in the first series of the Sooty Heights.


They are expecting a magician: The Great Supremo. He can't abide dirt or incompetence and loves cakes. Scampi uses his special vacuum cleaner and blows dirt everywhere. Liana and Sweep make a cake and Sweep uses the magic wand to stir it . Richard practises his trick- and gets covered in gunge. The Great Supremo arrives in the midst of this and is appalled. He eats the cake and floats up to the ceiling. It is delicious - the wand has made the cake magic. The Great Supremo is amazed when Sooty magics everything clean again.


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