The Mysterious Visitor

David Coyle


Peter Eyre


Paul Rose


Richard Cadell

Guest Starring

Eva Maria Bryer


Sheila Clark
Richard Coombs
Debby Cummings
Francis Wright
Sarah Wright

Air date

22nd October 2002

Previous episode

Robo Richard

Next episode

Sooty's Visitor

The Mysterious Visitor is an episode of Sooty television series .


A posh guest by the name of Lady Charlotte Plaxonby comes to Hotel Sooty and Soo thinks that Richard will get married to her so she can be a bridesmaid. Sooty and the others try to make everything perfect for their new guest including an dinner with Richard and Lady Charlotte. However after accidently spilling soup in Richard's lap which forces him to leave to change, Sooty, Sweep and Micki see Lady Charlotte snooping around the office and taking an interest in the hotel safe.

They try to tell Richard but he doesn't believe them because he thinks Posh people can't be burglars. So the gang decide to set traps for her when she tries to open the safe that night untill she is eventually arrested and Richard congratulates his three friends and apologizes to Sooty for not believing them. But Soo is disappointed that there won't be a wedding.



  • There's a Burglar About!


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