"2, 4, 6, 8 - Baz's Bulldogs are terrific!"
The New Gang
(Series 2, Episode 7)

David Coyle


Peter Eyre


Nathan Cockerill


Richard Cadell


Sheila Clark
Richard Coombs
Debby Cummings
Francis Wright
Sarah Wright

Air date

26th November 2002

Previous episode

Sooty's Magic Garden

Next episode

The Little Big People

The New Gang is an episode from the Sooty television series.


Butch is part of a gang named Baz's Bulldogs. Sooty and Sweep want to join, they accept Sweep but Sooty is a bear and it's dogs only. Sooty is upset so he disguises himself as a dog named Bonzo. Baz's Bulldogs then start work on a top-secret mission to ambush the Hotel Sooty's puppet show that Soo and Miki are staging. As the water-bombs are flung, Sooty, Sweep, and Butch change sides and decide to protect their friends. They soon see off Baz's Bulldogs and start their own Hotel Sooty Gang.


  • In the first shot of Baz's Bulldogs, the end of Baz's puppet can be seen.
  • When Butch finds out that Bonzo is Sooty in the loft, Sooty forgets the water balloons.
  • When Butch throws a custard pie, the end of Butch's puppet can be seen.


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