The quest
The Quest

Jeremy Swan


Helen Stephens


Peter Corey


Richard Cadell
Liana Bridges


Brian Sandford
Craig Almond
Crispin Lowrey

Air date

4 December 2000

Previous episode

You Must Be Joking

Next episode

Sooty and the Beanstalk

The Quest is the twelth episode in the second series of the Sooty Heights.


Sooty and Soo form the Bears Club, but won't let Sweep join. After an accident with a table tennis ball, Sweep drifts into a sleep. He finds himself at Camelot, and the court King Sooty and Queen Guinevere (Scampi!). He's given 3 tasks - to rescue a damsel, fight a dragon and retrieve a sword from a lake. He tries to rescue the dragon, fights a damsel and finds Liana coming out of the lake with a sword. The dragon heads towards them, so Sweep tells Scampi to fire his gunge gun at him. Unfortunately it misses the dragon and hits Sweep and Soo. Sweep wakes up in the dining room, having being gunged by Scampi in an attempt to revive him. They decide they don't need an exclusive Bears Club after all.


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