The Sooty Video Show (later renamed The Sooty Show: Izzy Whizzy, Let's Get Busy!) is a live stage show video first released in 1982 by Warwick Video, and later by Abbey Home Media (TempoVideo). It is currently available on DVD.

VHS foreword

"You know it's funny, but although I love making the television shows I still prefer working in theatres because I actually get to see my audience and get to know them... I love to hear boys and girls clapping and enjoying themselves, and here in the Sooty Video Show I've got the best of both worlds - I'm making a TV show and I've got the boys and girls with me in the audience"

The Guinness Book of Records includes an entry on Sooty under the heading "Most durable TV show"... This means he's been around longer than any other TV show and thanks to the Guinness Book of Records, that is now official. - Matthew Corbett

DVD description

These are the special magic words that bring Sooty's magic wand to life and are the cue to the fantastic live action show on this fabolus DVD! Join Sooty and his friends Sweep and Soo - accompanied, of course, by Matthew Corbett - as the ever popular trio perform a wealth of tricks and turns to entertain all young children, See Sooty spinning plates, trying his hand at gardening - with spellbinding results - and even demostrating his musical talents...


  • This was the first ever Sooty video, released in 1982.
  • Their have been three different time edit versions released, the original show ran up to sixty minutes, later VHS releases had the show cut down to thirty minutes leaving most of Soo's parts out, the current DVD release runs at forty-five minutes.
  • The parts of this show concerning Sooty picking flowers for Soo, growing a flower with the magic wand and pulling the petals off to 'She loves me, she loves me not' and the growing of the sausage plant were later reused in The Sooty Show episode 'Gardeners for Hire' (with the exception that it is Sooty and not Sweep who grows the sausage plant, ironic since in the live show Sooty was the one who wanted rid of it), including having a part of the 'stage' used in the later episode.


  • On the DVD release, Soo's name is misnamed as Sue.