"You dozy dog! What do you call this?"
"A spontaneous flash of inspiration!"
"Oh, give me strength!
— Soo examining Sweep's repaired souvenirs
The Souvenir Stall

Jeremy Swan


Richard Cadell
Alex Skerrat
Wink Taylor


Richard Cadell


Brian Sandford
Joolz Clough
Mandy Glass

Air date

September 12th,

Previous episode

Poorly Soo

Next episode

The Alarm System

The Souvenir Stall is the seventh episode of the 2011 series of Sooty.


The gang are opening a souvenir pottery stall on the park. After all the pottery accidentally gets smashed, Sooty tries to make some more using fresh clay. But things don’t go quite to plan. Meanwhile, Soo and Sweep attempt to mend the pots and attract customers so that Richard doesn’t lose his job.




  • The man who is the first to have a go at smashing the souvenirs looks to be writer Wink Taylor in disguise.


  • When Soo is telling Richard that Sooty built the shelves, her puppeteers head can be seen. This happens again when Sweep passes Soo the microphone to make an announcement.
  • When the shelving unit falls down, the table that Sooty, Sweep, Soo and Richard are behind disappears.
  • When Richard removes the piece of clay from his nose, he's holding it in his right hand, but in the very next shot it is in his left as he is operating Sooty.
  • Richard could clearly seen that Sooty's pots had no bottoms before he pours water in one.
  • In Soo's song, she says that there's "a porcelain lady with a dog's head", but the head is really that of a cat.
  • Couldn't Sooty have used his magic wand to fix all the souveneirs?




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