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The way we were
The Way We Were

Stuart Hall


Helen Stephens


Matthew Corbett


Matthew Corbett

Guest Starring

Kevin Wadsworth


Brian Sandford
John Seaton
Sallie Corbett

Air date

14 October 1996

Previous episode

Uncle Stuart

Next episode

Buy Buy Everybody

'''The Way We Were''' is an episode of Sooty & Co. from the show's fourth series in 1996.


Matthew tells the puppets that life in the "good old Victorian days" was much better than today. Everytime he waxes lyrical a cornet player appears and plays nostalgic music. Whilst on a trip to Quarry Bank Mill, Matthew dreams he is a cruel Victorian mill boss. When he wakes up he is so pleased it was only a dream he gives all the puppets a present each.



  • The other brass band members apart from Kevin Wadsworth that played at the end of the episode were Darren Rank, Steven Wood, Richard Sykes and John Heap.



This episode is not available on video or DVD.

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