To share is to care
To Share is to Care

Jeremy Swan


Helen Stephens


Peter Kerry


Richard Cadell
Liana Bridges

Guest Starring

Matthew Kelly as Mr Kerr


Brian Sandford
Craig Almond
Crispin Lowrey

Air date

18 September 2000

Previous episode

A Christmas Carrot

Next episode

Guard Dog Wanted

To Care is to Share is the first episode in the second series of the Sooty Heights.


Mr Kerr checks out of the hotel, leaving chocolate for Sooty and his chums, but they refuse to share it, and each try to take it for themselves. Liana and Scampi tidy up Mr Kerr's room and realise Mr Joe Kerr is a practical joker. Richard allows the puppets to have the chocolate, thinking they have agreed to share it, but they stay awake all night, not trusting the others. In the morning Richard is so cross with them that he eats the chocolate himself. Mr Kerr returns and tells them he's a practical joke salesman - the chocolate produces green spots. Sooty magics a huge mound of chocolate, as Richard appears, covered in spots.


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