"What's your name?"
"I intend to.
Mrs. Frumpton and Soo
Too Many Cooks

Jeremy Swan


Helen Stephens


Peter Corey


Richard Cadell
Liana Bridges

Guest Starring

Helen Lederer as
Mrs. Frumpton


Brian Sandford
Crispin Lowrey
Craig Almond

Too Many Cooks is an episode of Sooty Heights.


Richard decides to make a stew to impress a hotel inspector from P.O.S.H. (Particularly Outstanding Hotels). The stew contains all of Richard's favourite things, so Sooty, Sweep, and Soo decide to add their favourite things, and Little Cousin Scampi thinks it needs more of Richard's favourite things so he tips in Richard's treasured childhood toys. All ends well when Sooty waves his magic wand, and puts everything right. Mrs. Frumpton loves the stew and gives Sooty Height 'the three golden eggs' award, on the condition that Richard makes staff changes. Richard turns down the golden egg award because he doesn't want to change the hotel staff, because they're his friends.



  • The title of this episode is a reference to the phrase 'Too many cooks spoil the broth'.

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