Nothing will go wrong
What Can The Matter Be?

Stuart Hall


Helen Stephens


Tom Cotcher


Matthew Corbett
Richard Cadell
Liana Bridges


Brian Sandford
John Seaton
Sallie Corbett

Air date

9 November 1998

Previous episode

Lie Down With Dogs

Next episode

Nature's Way?

''''What Can The Matter Be?''' (aka Nothing Will Go Wrong) is an episode of Sooty & Co. from the show's last ever series in 1998.


Matthew goes fishing leaving Richard and Liana in charge of Sooty and Co. Liana rushes in to use their toilet as her's is out of action and manages to lock herself in there. No one can find the spare key. Richard's attempts to rescue her result in several injuries to himself - aided and abetted by Sooty and Sweep! Everyone now wants to go to the toilet. Matthew returns and is suspicious and shocked to find Richard covered from head to foot in bandages. He produces the spare key and they all fight to get into the toilet first.



This episode is not available on video or DVD.

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