"I think I'm turning green!"
"She looks all right to me!
— Soo and Sweep
What a Load of Rubbish

Stan Woodward


Stan Woodward


Matthew Corbett


Matthew Corbett


Brian Sandford
Peter Saxon
Brenda Longman

Air date


What a Load of Rubbish is an episode of The Sooty Show from 1990.


Soo is upset to find Sooty and Sweep wasting paper and takes them to see Matthew who tells them of the importance of saving and recycling things. Later, after saving some water in the bathroom, Matthew tries to explain about what is made of word in more detail. This sends Sooty, Sweep and Soo to sleep so they go to a nearby picnic spot to take a more hands-on approach to the situation.

There, all four friends are disgusted by the amount of litter they find. Sooty frees a trapped fieldmouse from a polystyrene container, Sweep gets into a tangle with some chewed up cassette tape and some springs, and Soo finds a plastic carrier bag which Matthew takes a very dim view of. It's not long before Soo stumbles across the worst type of litter of all - a broken glass bottle. Matthew tells his furry friends to keep away from the glass and cleans it up himself before they leave.

Back at home, after each having a bath, Matthew sings a song about the importance of being "green".




  • Stock footage from Love a Duck is used during the closing credits.


  • The light string that Sweep uses to turn off the lights in the bathroom has never been seen before.
  • During the scene where Sweep is getting himself tangled up in the chewed-up tape, the end of the puppet can be clearly seen several times.





What a Load of Rubbish - The Sooty Show19:17

What a Load of Rubbish - The Sooty Show

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